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Very good and addicting, adorable artstyle and aesthetic, but it does have a few big issues
1: the control layout is....less than ideal, specially if you're a laptop user, i beg you to just give us the option to map controls to something else
2: its very vague on its mechanics, i wish u could either replay the tutorial or have an option in the menu that actually gives you all the info you need, idk how many times i died to fluke punches or how long it took me to realize what companions do, hell i *STILL* dont rly know what the style score is for, or what luck even does, im sure it told me somewhere but i cant remember for the life of me, and cant find anywhere that tells me
3: achievements are really buggy, a lot of times they end pop up i get a black screen and have to refresh the page

I was expecting a subpar game for a fetish i dont even like, but this was way, way more entertaining then it has any right to, u caught me off guard and i gotta give u props for that
i specially enjoy the background aesthetic
biggest problem is that it can be pretty laggy for no reason, and some of the jokes go on for a bit too long

good art, simple enough gameplay, but i feel like its lacking in overall art, i feel like it could use some more pieces showing her reaction, or changing her overall pose
also it would be nice to know if there is an ending or if it just goes on forever, after getting 100 points i felt like it was a bit too time wastey

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

Glad you like the art, and wow, you got over 100! It does have an ending, but it takes a while. You can kinda see the ending parts for a minute when the game boots up. Yeah, the pieces are kind of limited, but that's the "joy" of working in the Game & Watch environment. Pieces cannot overlap, so there has to be segments, and I felt like keeping her simple and pretty was a better option. I wanted the tits to look amazing, so they couldn't move if I wanted those sweet pink nipples. Thanks for playing!

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